Posted: Aug 05 2015
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Marvel Rumored to Launch THUNDERBOLTS Show on Netflix

Coming just months after Marvel's Daredevil season one was released on Netflix, studio executives are now toying with the idea of a THUNDERBOLTS show on the streaming video service. This would be the first time the Marvel has placed the THUNDERBOLTS on the big screen. While it sounds like a winner, however, there's still no official word yet on whether or not it will really happen.

News of a possible THUNDERBOLTS show came from a report published by That Hashtag Show, Marvel Studio executives are contemplating whether or not to produce a THUNDERBOLTS show. If the show receives the green light, it would most likely be released as "phase 2" of Marvel's larger deal with Netflix.

It's been quiet after the release of Ant-Man but it seem like Marvel is developing a THUNDERBOLTS Netflix Series, for what we're calling Marvel/ Netflix Phase 2,” said That Hashtag Show. “With other studios focusing on their anti-heroes it makes sense for Marvel to go with the Thunderbolts!

There are a few reasons why THUNDERBOLTS would make an excellent show, one of which is the simple fact that it focuses on a group of anti-heroes. Much like DC Comics' upcoming film The Suicide Squad, THUNDERBOLTS consists of a rag-tag group of villains who have been "reformed" for the greater good. This, of course, is in stark contrast to most of the current superhero films and shows out there, most of which center around a good-hearted superhero. With Suicide Squad now in the spotlight, though, perhaps Marvel feels the need to release its own film about anti-heroes, and there's no better choice than THUNDERBOLTS.

Another reason why THUNDERBOLTS would make an excellent addition to Marvel's lineup is because of who's in it. According to an article published by MoviePilot, the leader of the THUNDERBOLTS, Baron Zemo, is expected to make an appearance in the next Captain American installment. Zemo begins as just a normal member of THUNDERBOLTS in the comics, but he later becomes the team's leader, guiding them through dangerous missions.

Video: MARVEL STUDIOS NEWS! Marvel is Developing New Netflix Series

You can click on the play button above to see the report by That Hashtag Show.

What do you think about a THUNDERBOLTS show? Love the idea or hate it? Let us know in the comments section below!


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