Posted: Jul 27 2015
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Rock on With an Iron Maiden Tee!

Receiving their namesake from a medieval torture device, Iron Maiden has become one of the most popular heavy metal bands of all time. Consisting of bassist and songwriter Steve Harris, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Bruce Dickinson, Nicko McBrain and Janick Gers they've made made their mark on music history in more ways than just one.

While most bands rise to fame via radio and/or TV support, Iron Maiden took a different approach. It wasn't easy, but within four years after the band's formation, they were playing big-time gigs and doing tours. Fans appreciated the unique style and tone created by Iron Maiden – something that wasn't seen (or heard) by other bands. When they released their eponymous Iron Maiden album in 1980, it shot up to #4 on the UK Albums Chart, attesting to the band's popularity.

There's no better way to show your support for this legendary heavy metal band than by sporting an Iron Maiden t-shirt. Here at BeltsBucklesTees, you'll find a variety of Iron Maiden t-shirts and accessories. Whether you're looking for a classic style like the Number of The Best shirt depicted below, or something more unique, we have you covered.

If you really want to complete your Iron Maiden fan look, you should check out some of the BBT belt buckles. Adding a fun belt buckle to your outfit will draw attention to your shirt, making it even more visible.

Fun Facts About Iron Maiden
  • Iron Maiden was formed on Christmas day back in 1975.
  • While the exact number remains unknown, the legendary rock band is believed to have performed at over 2,000 live shows throughout their career. That's some serious stage time!
  • Iron Maiden has released more than three dozen albums, including 16 studio albums, 11 live albums, 4 EPs, and 7 compilation albums.
  • Empire of the Clouds” is the band's longest song, at a full 18 minutes in length.
  • Iron Maiden's signature mascot Eddie has been with them for more than 35 years.
  • If you look closely at the Egyptian hieroglyphs on the Powerslave album, you'll notice it's filled with easter eggs like “bollocks,” “Indiana Jones was here,” and “Wot, no Guinness?”
  • The band's 9th album, “Fear of the Dark” was the first in which Eddie was not designed by Derek Riggs. Iron Maiden fan Derek Riggs had created the design instead.
  • The song “Journeyman” was the only song produced by Iron Maiden featuring only acoustic guitars.

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