Posted: Jul 20 2015
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Whether you're a rock-and-roll fan or not, chances are you've at least heard of Led Zeppelin. Originally formed in 1968, they've garnered critical acclaim for their bold approach to rock. Some music historians even cite Led Zeppelin for helping pave the way to today's modern rock.

Led Zeppelin is largely regarded as one of the most successful bands, with some sources estimating their album sales to be roughly 200-300 million worldwide. When you factor in RIAA-certified sales, however, this number jumps to a nearly 400 million, making them the second-best-selling bands in the US.

When Led Zeppelin was originally formed, it consisted of Robert Plant (vocals), John Paul Jones (bassist and keyboardist), Jimmy Page (guitarist), and John Bonham (drummer). Over the years, however, Zeppelin has gone through a number of changes. In 1980, drummer John Bonham died from asphyxiation, forcing the band to cancel their North American tour.

Following the death of Bonham, Led Zeppelin broke apart and the members began searching for other projects. One such project was the Honeydrippers, which was founded by Plant in 1981. The Honeydrippers released its first album in 1984, with Plant on the microphone, Page on the guitar, and various friends of the duo such as Jeff Beck, Nile Rodgers, and Paul Shaffer. Honeydrippers was certainly a different tune, as it featured more of an R&B vibe that was previously unheard of with Zeppelin.

Unfortunately, Led Zeppelin never got back together following the breakup. They "reunited" for various tours, but haven't recorded another album since then. But then again, you have to remember that Zeppelin had produced and released nine full albums along with three live albums. And these weren't your ordinary run-of-the-mill rock albums. They were something of another level, helping to reshape the rock industry into what it is today.

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