Posted: Jul 15 2015
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BAZINGA! Pay Tribute To One of The Greatest Shows of All Time

The Big Bang Theory may have ended with its eighth and final season (which was pretty epic, by the way), but fans can still show their love and devotion for one of the greatest sitcoms of all time by sporting one of our t-shirts.

Belts Buckles Tees offers a variety of fun and stylish The Big Bang t-shirts, including one featuring Sheldon's classic phrase “Bazinga,” which he uses at the end of his jokes. Loyal fans, however, probably know that Sheldon hasn't always used the term Bazinga. The first episode in which the term was used was season 2's finale, The Monopolar Expedition, and the last time the word was used was season 5, episode 22, The Stag Convergence.

The shirt depicted below features a solid red background with the Sheldon's catchphrase in the center. The yellow color of Bazinga contrasts well against the shirt's red background, making it bold and more visible. We also carry this shirt in a woman's style, which has a slightly slimmer fit and shorter sleeves.

This is another fun shirt that pays tribute and homage to The Big Bang Theory. It features “The Friendship Algorithm” which is a somewhat lengthy scientific flow chart describing how friends are made. Any serious fan of The Big Bang Theory is sure to appreciate the humor found in this shirt.


Fun Facts About The Big Bang Theory
  • Cosmologist Stephen Hawking appeared on the fifth season episode, which was aptly named “The Hawking Excitation.”

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson also made a cameo appearance on The Big Bang Theory.

  • The Big Bang Theory has won numerous awards, including the TCA award for best comedy series in 2009 and the People's Choice Award for Favorite Comedy in 2010.

  • The only Big Bang Theory character whose surname remains a mystery is Penny.

  • Kelly Cuoco was forced to miss a few episodes of filming due to a broken leg she sustained while horseback riding. When she returned to the show, she was filmed behind a counter to conceal her cast.

  • Amy, Sheldon, Theremin and Leonard all learned to play instruments for the show.

  • The man who plays Kevin Sussman, the comic book store owner, really did work in a comic book store becoming venturing into the realm of acting.

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