Posted: Jun 22 2015
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The Punisher Returns

The Punisher is one of those superheroes that really strikes a visceral nerve. Originally introduced back in The Amazon Spider-Man #129 (February 1974), he's more an an “antihero” than a “superhero.” He employs a wide range of tactics to fight crime and bring justice, some of which includes murder, kidnapping, torture, and extortion.

Of course, The Punisher had its fair share of ups and downs throughout the history of Marvel. In the mid 1990s, Marvel actually canceled all three of its Punisher series due to lackluster sales. But it didn't take long for the publisher to launch a new Punisher series, using the new Marvel Edge imprint. This spurred a revival of The Punisher so to speak, at which point both new and long-time fans were buying up issues.

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You might be surprised to learn that The Punisher is returning to the big screen, not in a full-length film but in the second seasons of Marvel/Netflix's Daredevil. Now for the million-dollar question: who's going to play Punisher in Daredevil season 2? Reports indicate that Jon Bernthal will fill the role, an American actor who's best known for playing Shane Walsh in several seasons of AMC's The Walking Dead.

"Oh man, it's just a huge honor to play the part and that's all I can say about that," Bernthal told ABC News. "I'm very thrilled and we haven't started yet, but I'm very much looking forward to it. I'm living my dream everyday," he added. “My dream is to be with my kids and my dogs and that's what I'm going to do."

Given his experience bashing zombies and surviving amidst apocalypse -- for a white at least (spoiler alert) -- I think Bernthal is a good fit for The Punisher.


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