Posted: Jun 08 2015
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The Amazonian Princess Arrives!

Few superheros possess the unique balance of charisma and strength as Wonder Woman. Of course, this should come as little surprise given the fact that she's a warrior princess from the Amazon jungle. She's battled everything from tigers and bears to Nazi soldiers, monsters, and super villains, so it's safe to say she knows a thing or two about combat.

Here's a fun fact: Wonder Woman was created by a professional psychologist, with the help of his wife. During a 1940s interview with Family Circle magazine, psychologist William Marston discussed the unfilled void in that generation's superheros. When his wife suggested that he create a female superhero, Marston teamed up with All-American Publications (later merged to form DC Comics) to create Wonder Woman.

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There's no better time than now to buy a Wonder Woman t-shirt, because there's a reboot film currently in production. Wonder Woman first appeared on TV in the self-titled series that ran from 1975 to 1979, in which Lynda Carter stared as the Amazonian princess. There was also talks by NBC to launch a new Wonder Woman series back in 2011, although the show never got off the ground. In any case, we can expect to see a Wonder Woman film hopefully by 2017.

So, what will the new Wonder Woman film be about? It's still WAY too early to make any definitive statements, which is due largely in part to the fact that it's still being developed. According to CinemaBlend, however, it will be released the same year (2017) as Justice League Part I, meaning the actress chosen to fill the shoes of Wonder Woman will have to juggle two films at once.

The studio has confirmed that they are indeed giving the heroine her own film, and that it will be coming out in 2017 – the same year as Justice League Part 1. This means that production on both movies is going to have to take place next year, which means serious work for the actress playing the crucial superhero role,” wrote the folks at

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