Posted: May 25 2015
by: Neal Haworth

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Channel Your Inner Clark Kent With These Rad Shirts

Superman is arguably the most prolific and well-known superhero of all time. Originally created by comic writer Jerry Siegel and graphic artist Joe Shuster back in the early 1930s (yes Superman is really that old), it tells the story of a superhero who was born on an alien world and sent to Earth to live. In the fictional American city of Metropolis, he lives by day as news journalist Clark Kent, but when then need arises, he dons a disguise to protect the innocent and fend off bad guys.

The story of Superman is one to which we can all relate. A seemingly ordinary person takes it upon himself to better the world, without asking for anything in return. The Superman franchise is more than 80 years yet it still captivates men, woman and children from all backgrounds. Stories like this don't come often, making Superman a true icon of heroism and culture.

You might lack the special abilities of Superman, but you can still channel your inner Clark Kent with one of the many fashionable Superman t-shirts offered here at We offer a wide variety of Superman shirts, belt buckles and other accessories.

The Superman shirt on the left features the classic logo set against a blue background. It's simple, fashionable, and embodies the Superman franchise perfectly. From the moment you first see the "S" you'll immediately associate it with Superman -- and that's what wearing a Superman shirt is all about. Of course, you can also choose a more modern Superman shirt, such as the one featured below. As you can see, it features an eroded Man of Steel symbol, which only makes sense given the fact that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is right around the corner.

We didn't forget about the ladies. The Superman shirt below features the iconic Superman logo in a stylish made-for-women tee. It's slightly slimmer around the torso with a longer bottom, making it the perfect choice for women of all ages.

What's your favorite Superman shirt? Let us know in the comments section below!


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