Posted: Apr 23 2015
by: Neal Haworth

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Batman vs Superman Official Teaser Trailer Leaked!

Why should the Avengers take all of the big screen glory? Granted, The Avengers: Age of Ultron is expected to premiere in less month, but that doesn't mean we should give Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice the cold shoulder! This highly anticipated superhero vs superhero smackdown has attracted a lot of controversy since it was first announced last year. Up until now, though, we've been forced to speculate what the film's scenes will look like. But thanks to a teaser trailer that was recently leaked, we can see exactly what director Zack Snyder has in store for Dawn of Justice.

Dawn of Justice isn't hitting theaters until March 25, 2016, so you might be wondering why DC Entertainment chose to release a trailer so soon. Well, it actually wasn't planned at all. According to Cnet, a "bootleg" version of the trailer was released earlier this month, prompting studio executives to release the official "teaser trailer." Bootleg copies are notorious for being grainy, blurry and difficult to watch, so DC wanted to show fans what the real trailer looks like.

If you want to see the official teaser trailer for Dawn of Justice, click the play button below. Of course, it's called a "teaser" trailer for a reason: it doesn't provide much in terms of action, but instead it aims to spark interest in curiosity in the audience. I think it's safe to say the trailer achieves this goal, because I certainly want to see more!

Video: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

The trailer picks up following the events of Man of Steel. The human population appears to revere Superman, with many people worshiping him as an almost god-like idol. The first minute or so of the trailer shows various scenes of worshipping with news commentators discussing whether or not mankind should idolize Superman. Towards the end, however, we see Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) eying the Batman suit.

Unfortunately, we don't see any Batman on Superman action in the trailer. The last few seconds reveal Batman asking Superman "Tell me, do you bleed," at which point Batman follows up by saying "You will."

Are you looking forward to seeing Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice? Let us know in the comments section below!


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