Posted: Apr 29 2015
by: Neal Haworth

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SAMCRO Seeking New Members: Click Here To Join!

The Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO) is looking for new members. If you're looking to earn some cash and not afraid of getting your hands dirty, you should consider joining. Of course, there are a few prerequisites you must pass before becoming a member.

Bike Skills

It's not called a "Motorcycle Club" for nothing. All SAMCRO members must have experience riding a motorcycle. The bike of choice for SAMCRO is the Harley Davidson with a T-style handlebar, which members are required to paint black. If you don't own a Harley or are unwilling to purchase one, you can forget about joining the club.


All SAMCRO members are also required to wear jackets with cut-off sleeves, known as "kuttes." The back of your kuttes will display various patches, including the official SOA patch which features a Grim Reaper holding a crystal ball with the A symbol and M16 assault rifle. It's important to note, however, that only fully fledged SOA members are allowed to sport this patch. SAMCRO gives out other patches for various activities, such as the Men of Mayhem patch for members who have spilled blood to better the club.


While many of SAMCRO's activities generate revenue, all members must have a job outside the club. We won't go into details about this, but it's basically done to keep the fuzz off our backs. If we drove around with decked out Harleys all day and no jobs, it would look a bit suspicious, wouldn't it?


If you plan on joining SAMCRO, you must be prepared to clean and maintain the clubhouse from time to time. The clubhouse contains a living room, full-service bar, pool table, kitchen, gym, and even a chapel. Cleaning it usually falls on the shoulders of the newest recruit, so after you've proven yourself, the task will probably be passed down to another recruit.


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