Posted: Apr 21 2015
by: Neal Haworth

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10 Fun Facts About The Green Lantern

#1) Green Lantern Rings Do Not Heal Injuries

The rings worn by Green Lanterns are incredibly powerful, granting a wide range of abilities to the wearer, including the ability to create green-colored objects known as constructs. The Green Lantern can then control the construct via telekinesis, guiding it to attack, defend, or remain stationary. However, one power that's not granted with the ring is self-healing.

The ring can conjure a green shield to protect the Green Lantern, but it can not heal injuries. In Hal Jordan's story arc, Abin Sur turned down an offer to obtain the ring because the right couldn't heal his injuries. Hal Jordan later broke his arm and couldn't use the ring to heal it. The best thing he could do was conjure a green cast to hold the broken bones in place while his body did the healing.

#2) Former NYC Mayor John V. Lindsay Was a Green Lantern Fan

Who says comic books were meant for kids? While children and young adults were the target demographics of DC Comics, former New York City Major John Lindsay was also known to be a fan of the Green Lantern series.

In the 1970s, sales of the Green Lantern comics began to slip, so the big-wigs at DC Comics felt a change was in order. Instead of building the plot around a single superhero, they decided to introduce a sidekick, the Green Arrow. Hal Jordan and the Green Arrow traveled across America battling real world problems instead of the mutated villains and aliens. In one particular issue, titled Snowbirds Don't Fly, Green Arrow's sidekick, Speedy, became hooked on heroin and was forced to quit cold turkey to bring the dealers to justice. Mayor Lindsay was glad to see real-life issue like drug addiction being tackled in the comics, prompting him to write a letter to DC comics.

Snowbirds Don't Fly won the 1971 Shazam Award for Best Individual Story.

#3) Hal Jordan Wasn't The First Green Lantern To Appear In Comics

Long before Hal Jordan took the role of the Green Lantern, there was a railroad mechanic who came to possess the magic lantern. Back in 1940, All-American Publications released a comic book titled All-American Comics #16, which centered around a man named Alan Scott. Scott, a railroad mechanic, discovered the magic lantern after a railway crash. The lantern instructed him on how to create the magic ring, granting Scott a wide variety of super powers.

Unfortunately, Alan Scott's run as the Green Lantern was short lived due to the general decline of interest in superheroes following World War II. The final issue featuring Scott as the Green Lantern was All Star Comics #57, which was released in 1951. Scott returned in various Justice League comics later, but he never received his own comic series again.

#4) Filming The Green Lantern Took 103 Days

Most big-screen movies take around 30-60 days to film. The Green Lantern, however, took over twice this length of time, with production crews finishes up after a grueling 103 days of filming. Why did it take such a long time to film The Green Lantern? Some people assume that shooting in front of green screen is easier, but this isn't the case. On the contrary, it can prove more time-consuming and expensive, which is probably why the GGI-heavy film, The Green Lantern, took 103 days to film. Oh yeah, and it cost a cool $200 million to produce.

American actor Ryan Reynolds, who played the role of Hal Jordan, discussed the mental challenges of filming for 103 days.

I mean, after 103 days of anything you are going to be into it I think. If you’re not, there is something wrong. You just have to have a lot of faith and a lot of the artwork is around. I get a lot of examples of what I am looking at and that helps. You just carry that with you. A lot of it just kind of knows what direction you are supposed to be pointing, looking, and that sort of thing. For the most part Hollywood is a world of imagination so you have to really just be there and trust that they are going to do their part when we all walk away tomorrow,” said Reynolds.

#5) Green Lantern 2 Is In The Works

The Green Lantern movie didn't experience the same level of success as other superhero movies (The Avengers, The Dark Knight, the Spiderman trilogy, etc.). However, that's not stopping Warner Bros. from taking a shot at a squeal. According to the LA Times, Warner Bros. already has a rough draft of The Green Lantern 2's screenplay, although several sources close to the company say the screenplay outline will likely be revamped if not scrapped altogether.

Will Ryan Reynolds take the role of Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern sequel? It's still too early to make any definitive statements regarding the cast, or any other element of the movie for that matter, but the general consensus is that no, Reynolds will not be returning in the sequel. During a Q&A interview, MTV jokingly asked Reynolds if he would be interested in purchasing the domain, to which he responded “I don't think you can sell that to anyone.” Furthermore, unnamed source allegedly told Cosmic Book News that there would be no Ryan Reynolds in The Green Lantern 2.

#6) The Green Lantern's Powered Were Mirrored After Aladdin

Ever wonder how The Green Lantern creator Martin Nodell came up with the idea of a superpower that allowed the user to conjure anything he or she imagined? If you're familiar with the story of Aladdin in 1001 Arabian Night, you may recall some similarities between the two – and that's not a coincidence. Nodell reportedly drew inspiration from Aladdin to use in The Green Lantern comics. Aladdin would rub the magical lamp to contact the genie, whom would fulfill Aladdin's wishes. The Green Lantern also had conjuration powers that required a green lantern (or lamp). While the two aren't exactly the same, there's an undeniable similarity between The Green Lantern and Aladdin.

#7) The Original Green Lantern's Powers Were Magic

In the original Green Lantern comics, the ring worn by Alan Scott worked by magic. A green-flaming meteor fell to the Earth several thousand years ago in ancient China. This meteor instructed Scott on how to create a magical ring that granted him superhuman powers. Fast forward to Hal Jordan's story arc, and DC Comics choose a different direction to go with the ring's powers. So, why DC Comics nix the idea of “magical” ring?

Critics at the time were complaining that The Green Lantern wasn't believable. Of course, it's a comic book, so it shouldn't be believable. Nonetheless, DC Comics wanted to transition it more to a science-fiction genre instead of “magic,” so they created Hal Jordan's story around a ring and lantern that he received from a dying extraterrestrial.

#8) Real-Life Astronauts Inspired The Story of Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan's character was reportedly inspired by real-life astronauts like John Glenn, Alan B. Shephard, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. You have to remember that the 1950s and 60s was arguably the most influential time for space exploration. On May 5, 1961, Alan B. Shepard became the first person to enter outspace. Fast forward toJuly 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first people to step foot on the moon. The country was memorized by the thought of space exploration during this era, so it only made sense to include it as part of Hal Jordan's story.

#9) Martin Nodell's Subway Incident

While riding on the subway in 1940, The Green Lantern creator Martin Nodell experienced a moment of enlightenment that spawned the idea of a green lantern. The subway came to an abrupt stop due to debris on the track, at which point Nodell noticed a railroad engineer holding up a green lantern to signal that it was safe to proceed. Nodell incorporated both the green lantern and the subway incident into The Green Lantern comics.

#10) The Ring's Weaknesses

Whether it was Hal Jordan, Alan Scott, or any of the Green Lanterns that came afterwords, all of their rings suffered from the same weakness: they must be recharged every 24 hours to continue working. The rings are recharged by placing it inside a green-colored lamp, at which point it would be recharged and ready for action. This wasn't the only ring's only weakness, however. The original ring depicted in The Green Lantern had a weakness against wood, meaning anything the wearer conjured would not affect wood. And the newer rings were useless against made of the color yellow.

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