Posted: Apr 19 2015
by: Neal Haworth

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10 Fun Facts About Transformers

#1) Menasor, The Ultimate Decepticon Weapon With a Weakness

Menasor was engineered to be the Decepticon's ultimate weapon. Consisting of five Stunticons – Motormaster for the leader, Drag Strip for the right arm, Dead End for the left arm, Wildrider for the left leg, and Breakdown for the right leg – he comes together to form a powerful and devastating machine. However, he suffered from one major flaw: unpredictability.

During skirmishes with the Autobots, Menasor would essentially go haywire, lashing out anyone or anything in his vicinity. The Stunticons would try to pull Menasor in different directions, telling him where to go and who attack. This was his Achilles’s Heel, and it greatly diminished his fighting ability. Nonetheless, Menasor was one of the Decepticons most powerful weapons, proving to be a constant menace to the Autobots.

#2) The Transformers Comics Was Supposed To Be a 4-Issue Series

The original Transformers comic, which was released back in 1984, was supposed to run for just 4 issues. Due to the demand for Marvel's new alien-robot-themed comics, however, they decided to run it for an additional 76 issues (total of 80 issues). The final issue included a note saying “80 in a 4 issue limited series.”

#3) Michael Bay Thought Transformers Was 'Stupid'

During the initial planning stages of the first film, Steven Spielberg approached Michael Bay about the idea of creating a Transformers movie. Bay responded, saying it was a “stupid toy movie” and calling the screenplay “too kiddie.”

Of course, this didn't stop the special effects-oriented producer from signing up for the job. Bay wanted to work with Spielberg, even if it was on a “stupid” movie. And after visiting Hasbro, he reportedly had a newfound respect for the Transformers franchise. This set the wheels in motion for creating one of the best comics-to-big-screen adaptations of all time.

#4) Humanity Is Annihilated

One of the common elements shared by all of the Transformers' films and comic books is the Autobots' desire to protect the human species from danger. Whether it's stopping the Decepticons from capturing the legendary life source cube the AllSpark, or shielding Earth from a Decepticon invasion, the Autobots have an innate desire to protect Earth and its human inhabitants. Many years ago, however, writers for the animated Transformers series Beat Wars revealed a different scenario: one in which humanity in annihilated by foreign invaders.

As the Transformers: Generation 2 comics wrap up, an alien species known as the Swarm begins to invade Earth. Rather than having the Autobots come in to save the day, writer Larry DiTillio embraced humanity's death. The Swarm lives up to namesake by consuming all life on Earth, leaving it devoid of human inhabitants.

#5) An Amusement Ride Drove Bay To Produce Transformers 4

Transformers: Age of Extinction, the fourth installment in the Transformers franchise, was one of the hottest films of the summer. In just over a month, it raked in more than $1 billion worldwide, including $241.2 million in domestic theater sales and $763.8 million in international sales. But perhaps this movie would have never been made if producer Michael Bay didn't ride the Transformers amusement park coaster.

In an interview with SlashFilm, Bay acknowledged that the reason he produced Transformers 4 was because of the long lines for the Transformer ride. “The real truth? I went to the ride, and I saw a three-hour line. It was around the [expletive] block. You see all these kids and families, and then I went to the one in Singapore, and I’m like, [expletive]. To just hand this over to somebody? You know what I’m saying? What I want to do is really set it up and … the bottom line, if someone would take it over, you would get a director who doesn’t do a lot of these movies, you’ll probably get a B star, you know what I’m saying?” said Bay.

I guess it's a good thing that Michael Bay experienced long lines at the Transformers amusement ride, because if he didn't, he may have turned down the opportunity to produce Transformers: Age of Extinction.

#6) Transformers 5?

When a formula works, it usually a good idea to stick with it. That's the mantra of Michael Bay. His films have grossed billions of dollars at the box office, with the Transformers franchise leading the pack in terms of sales. So, will will see fifth installment in the Transformers film franchise? And if so, when will it be released?

Rob Moore of Paramount Pictures confirmed that the studio is in talks to produce both a fifth and sixth Transformers film. It was initially thought the Michael Bay would be replaced with a different producer. On October 31, 2014, Bay said that he would return to direct, but not produce, the upcoming Transformers 4 film. Mark Walhberg will also return to the big screen for the next Transformers film. Unfortunately, that's the only information we have on it. Rumors suggest that it may be released in 2017, although there's no official confirmation by Bay or any party.

#7) The Decepticons Build a Space Bridge To Earth

Rather than flying hundreds of thousand of light years across the galaxy to reach Earth, the Decepticons built a Space Bridge to transport them. The term is somewhat misleading, however, because it's not an actual bridge but rather a teleportation device that transports Transformers between planets. The Space Bridge differs from Transwarp in the sense that it transports without altering time.

But it technically wasn't the Decepticons who built the Space Bridge. When Lord Straxus' army began their campaign, they captured a Spanner, a Transformer engineer who preferred not to choose sides. Spanner was neither a friend or foe of the Decepticons, nor was he a friend or foe of the Autobots. Once captured, though, he was forced to build a Space Bridge so the Decepticons could travel to and from Earth. During the final stages of the Bridge's completion, Lord Straxus ordered his troops to incorporate Spanner into the Bride.

#8) Dinots and Aircraft Carriers?

Dinobots and aircraft carriers in a Transformer movie? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, producer Tom DeSanto said he initially wanted to introduce Dinobots into the first film, while director Michael Bay wanted to include an aircraft carrier.

Unfortunately, both of these ideas were scrapped since they were unable to agree on a form for the Dinobots. Orci also said that he was against the use of Dinobots in the Transformers films because he didn't like dinosaurs (who doesn't like dinosaurs?). He later said that he grew fonder of Dinobots after seeing the strong reaction the idea had with fans. Of course, Dinobots were eventually unveiled in Transformers: Age of Extinction, with fierce Transfers like the horned T-rex Grimlock.

#9) G.I. Joe vs Transformers

If you didn't get a chance to read the G.I. Joe vs Transformers series, you missed out one of the most epic comic book series of all time. Written by Josh Blaylock and illustrated by Mike S. Miller, it takes place in an alternate reality in which the evil Cobra organization unearths the Ark. Cobra removes the Transformers within the Ark and turns them into battle vehicles. This prompts a group of rag-tag soldiers to form an alliance to stop Cobra – the alliance is known as G.I. Joe. In the first G.I. Joe vs Transformers mini-series, G.I Joe receive help from Wheeljack and Bumbleebee, who help the outgunned soldiers fight the Autobots. They are forced to race against time in an effort to stop a satellite weapons system and the detonation of a nuclear warhead.

#10) All-Star Cast For Transformers: The Animated Movie

Long before Transformers, Revenge of The Fallen, Dark of The Moon, and Age of Extinction were released, there was Transformers: The Animated Movie. And for an animated film, it had a surprisingly well-rounded celebrity cast. Some of the voice actors and actresses who were cast for Transformers: The Animated Movie included Judd Nelson (Hot Rod), Leonard Nimoy (Galvatron), and even the legendary Orson Welles (Unicorn). Welles, as most movie buffs probably know already, starred in the award-winning film Citizen Kane in 1941. Transformers: The Animated Movie was one of the Welles' last movies before his death in 1985.


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