Posted: Mar 20 2015
by: Neal Haworth

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Check out our awesome Batman merchandise

Batman is one of the most famous and loved of all DC Comics characters and has been around in one form or another since 1939. With numerous comics, graphic novels, TV shows and movies having been produced over the years, there is no lack of Batman merchandise to choose from, and we have the very best of it available to buy.

For fans of the franchise, there is nothing more familiar than the classic black and yellow oval Batman logo, and we have T-shirts, belt buckles and purses all sporting it. However, we also have a great deal of other Batman merchandise featuring all kinds of designs from the classic comic book era, all the way up to modern day.

Of course, the more recent incarnations of Batman have been on the big screen, with Ben Affleck soon to step into the famous Batsuit in the upcoming movie Batman vs. Superman movie. No fewer than eight other actors have played the role in movies over the years - we bet you can't remember them all!

Among our other Batman merchandise are several different belt buckle and T-shirt designs. Not all of our T-shirts feature the hero of the story; some of them feature Batman's enemies such as Bane and The Joker too. It says something about the popularity and iconic figure of Batman that many of his adversaries are also household names.

So whether you love old school Batman comic book graphics, or the dark and edgy style of the Dark Knight Rises, you are sure to find a T-shirt, belt buckle, wallet or purse that is just right for you. While you're at it, check out our merchandise featuring other DC Comics characters such as Superman and Wonder Woman too.


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