Posted: Mar 11 2015
by: Neal Haworth

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Geek T-shirts

There was a time when the word geek was used as a kind of insult, much in the same way as ‘nerd’. However, things have changed over recent years and now many people even call themselves geeks and take pride in the sometimes unfashionable things that they enjoy the most.

Here at BeltsBucklesTees we celebrate all things geeky which is why we have plenty of geek T-shirts for you and your friends to enjoy. There isn't really any one subject that self-confessed geeks are restricted to. Perhaps you love your comics, maybe video games are more your thing, or perhaps you just love sci-fi movies. Whichever best describes you, you will find a geek T-shirt that sums you up perfectly and flaunts your fandom.

If you love your comic books and the action movies they have inspired, you may well enjoy one of our T-shirts celebrating the Marvel Universe. Of course, the Avengers are big news and big box office at the moment, and we have T-shirts featuring the likes of the Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Ironman. If DC Comics is more your scene, check out our geek T-shirts inspired by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more. If you're more of an old school geek, we also have T-shirts with Star Wars and Star Trek.

Of course, many people who love their video games are branded as geeks, and if you count yourself as one of those, you may love one of our Nintendo T-shirts, or perhaps one celebrating a good old-fashioned Atari. What could be more geeky than a Pac Man T-shirt or one featuring Sonic the Hedgehog?

However you want to express your slightly obsessive love for your favourite pastimes, we will surely have a great T-shirt here for you.


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