Posted: Feb 15 2015
by: Neal Haworth

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Band T-shirts are just one of our fortes

If there's one thing we do better than anyone else here at Belts, Buckles, Tees its music and band T-shirts. Whether you love your rock 'n' roll old school, or are more into modern bands like the Foo Fighters, you'll still find something you absolutely love.

Let's start with some of the truly iconic bands of all time, and who could be more legendary than Led Zeppelin? Formed way back in 1968, the band released nine albums, many of which included some of the most loved songs of all time, such as Stairway to Heaven. We have a few different Led Zeppelin T-shirts to choose from, and these are among our most popular band T-shirts to date.

Wherever you look in our music and band T-shirts section you will see legends of not just rock music, but punk and heavy metal too. Some would say the most famous punk music band of all time were the Sex Pistols, despite only being properly active from 1975 to 1978. More of a cult punk band was Misfits, although despite a 12 year hiatus, they are technically still together and touring. For these reasons we have band T-shirts featuring both of these hugely influential acts.

If you're more of a heavy metal mentalist, enjoy one of our Slayer, Iron Maiden or AC/DC T-shirts. All of these acts made a huge impact in the world of rock and heavy metal music, and still have millions of fans around the world now.

Another of our most popular designs is the classic Motorhead T-shirt. Led by rock 'n' roll crazy man himself, Lemmy Kilmister. Motorhead was one of the greatest British rock act of all time and still has a big following. If you love the classic track Ace of Spades, you'll also enjoy sporting one of these great band T-shirts.


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