Posted: Feb 09 2015
by: Neal Haworth

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What does your belt say about you?

It's fair to say that for many of us our choice of belt is a bit of an afterthought and really just something to hold our trousers up! However, why not take a little bit more time looking at our fantastic range of belts so that you can find one which is more than just something you put on at the last minute.

Although we have a couple of traditional leather belts in brown and black which will look fantastic when you are wanting to look a bit formal, it's fair to say that most of our belts are pretty colourful and not for those of a shy disposition. For example we have an awesome belt with musical notes running along it which would look great alongside your favourite band T-shirt. Or how about our graffiti style Glam Rock belt which would look pretty cool at a party or gig.

Speaking of parties, we even have a roller disco design belt which is straight out of the 70s and a whole lot of fun. Quite a few of our belts have a tattoo art style and if you are into your body art, one of these would absolutely suit you down to the ground.

All of our great belts come in a range of sizes from small to extra-large so no matter if you are a skinny little whippersnapper or somewhat larger around the mid-rift, we will have a size for you. Our belts are also great for both men and women so don't forget if you're looking for a gift for someone, don't forget about your sister or female friends.

And finally, it should really go without saying that you can combine any of our belts with our belt buckles. Surely what better way to make an impression than by choosing a belt and buckle combination that is ideal for you.




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