Posted: Sep 03 2014
by: Neal Haworth

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DragonCon 2014: Here's What You Missed

It may lack the attendance numbers of ComicCon, but DragonCon is nonetheless a unique and enjoyable experience for fans of science fiction, comics, superheros, and the video gaming culture. The 2014 DragonCon kicked off on August 29 in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, and wrapped up on September 1st. If you missed it this year, keep reading for some of the most newsworthy events and happenings.

"Project Secret Identity," was launched at ComicCon 2014 to raise awareness to online privacy (or lack thereof). This collaborative project involved the efforts of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), moderators at the blog io9, and dozens of fans. In the wake of NSA whisteblower Edward Snowden's revelations, more and more people are taking a proactive approach towards their online privacy, which is exactly what Project Secret Identify aimed to achieve. 

    "Whether it's the 'Eye of Sauron' in The Lord of the Rings or 'The Machine' in Person of Interest, genre culture has long explored and criticized mass surveillance," said EFF Investigative Researcher Dave Maass. "The last year's worth of stories about the NSA have read too much like dystopian fiction. In response, we need to focus the imaginations of fans to advocate for a future where free expression is protected through privacy and anonymity. "

    DragonCon is known for attracting celebrities and other notable figures, and this year was no exception. You can check out a complete guest list by click here, but some of the celebrities who shows up included The Arrow stars Paul Blackthorne, Katie Cassidy, Katrina Law, Caity Lotz, and David Nykl, Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Bill Corbett and Joel Hodgson from Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Patrick Stewart, Walter Zoenig, Jeri Ryan and Garret Wang from Star Trek.

    Of course, DragonCon 2014 also attracted dozens of performances, including Ayria, Bella Morte, Crossed Swords, dj BC, DJ Spider, Nerf Herder, New York Jedi, Sci-Freid, Platform One. Many people attend DragonCon strictly for the performances, as it includes music, light-saber dueling, comedy, and much more.

    DragonCon 2014 took place at the following five hotels in downtown Atlanta:

    1. The Hilton Atlanta (255 Courtland Street, NE)
    2. The Hyatt Regency Atlanta (265 Peachtree Street NE)
    3. The Marriott Marquis Downtown Atlanta Hotel (265 Peachtree Center Ave)
    4. The Sheraton Atlanta Hotel (165 Courtland Street)
    5. The Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel (210 Peachtree St.)

    Did you make it DragonCon this year? We'd love to hear your story in the comments section below!


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