Posted: Jul 29 2014
by: Neal Haworth

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2014 Comic-Con San Diego: Here's What You Missed

Didn't make it Comic-Con San Diego this year? Don't worry, we have all of the latest news regarding this annual four-day event. From awesome new trailers to road-rage incidents involving zombies, it was business as usual at Comic-Con San Diego.

Driver Plows Hits a Crowd of Zombies

No, we're not kidding. Around 5:30 PM Saturday afternoon, a 48-year-old man and his family were stuck at a red light while waiting for a massive crowd of zombies to pass (ZombieWalk). The driver allegedly creeped his way forward, striking an undead female and running her over. With an angry swarm of zombies kicking and punching the man's car, he continued to drive rather than stopping to check on the victim. The woman suffered non life-threatening injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.


Mad Max: Fury Road

Comic-Con San Diego also gave us a sneak peak at the upcoming "Mad Max: Fury Road" movie in an exclusive 3-minute-long trailer. Written and directed by George Miller, this redux certainly looks promising in the trailer, as it reveals some wild-looking cars tearing through the dessert and some equally wild-looking people. If you enjoy post-apocalyptic movies as much as I do, you'll want to check out Max Max: Fury Road.

Max Max: Fury Road is scheduled to hit theaters on May 15, 2015.

Godzilla Is Back...

Our favorite city-stomping monster is coming back to the big screen. Just months after Godzilla tore through the Summer theaters -- grossing nearly half a billion dollars worldwide --  Legendary Pictures chief Thomas Tull announced the ginormous lizard will return in a sequel. This time around, however, Godzilla will be teaming up with Mothra for some team-based monsters vs monsters challenge.

Walking Dead Season 5 Sneak Peak

It's no secret the Walking Dead is coming back for a fifth season, but Comic-Con San Diego gave us a sneak peak at the upcoming season in an exclusive trailer. It reveals some pretty dark scenes, which is to expected from the Walking Dead franchise.

The Walking Season 5 is set to premiere on AMC on October 12.

Matthew McConaughey and Christopher Nolan Promote 'Interstellar'

Comic-Con San Diego had two unsuspecting guests drop in: Matthew McConaughey and Christopher Nolan, both of whom were there to promote their upcoming sci-fi film "Interstellar."

"There's food, clean water, but they don't need any explorers, no new bright ideas. Then something happens and the dream of being a pilot agains knocks on his door," said McConaughey. "By far, this is the most ambitious film that Christopher Nolan has ever directed."

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