Posted: May 03 2014
by: Neal Haworth

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Japanese Fans Complain of New Godzilla's Weight Gain

It's been 60 years since the release of the original Japanese horror cult classic Godzilla, and after all those years the gigantic building-smashing monster remains an iconic film figure. Chances are you've seen the commercials, billboards and other promotional material for the upcoming Godzilla reboot featuring Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen Aaron and Taylor-Johnson, which is expected to premier in theaters on May 16.

While the limited footage looks promising enough, some Godzilla fans in Japan are complaining about the monster's weight gain. Yes, according to fans at a Tokyo artwork gallery featuring images of the digitally redesigned monster, Godzilla has packed on a few too many pounds.

When I finally saw it, I was a bit taken aback. It’s fat from the neck downwards and massive at the bottom,” said long-time Godzilla fanatic Fumihiko Abe when interviewed by the Associated Free Press (AFP).

Other fans have taken their opinions online, calling the new Godzilla names like “calorie monster” and “Godzilla deluxe.”

How does the new Godzilla compare to the original? Back in the 1954 original, Godzilla was actually an actor wearing a massive 200-pound latex suit complete with pulley systems, piano wires, pyrotechnics and other nifty little tools. After wearing the suit for just 15 minutes, the actor would reportedly become soaked in sweat due to the lack of air. The new Godzilla in the upcoming reboot version, on the other hand, is digitally created on a computer program.

Did the digital artists go a little too far in "beefing up" the legendary Japanese monster? We'll have to wait a couple more weeks to see, but in the meantime you can get a sneak peak at the upcoming Godzilla movie by watching the trailer below.

2014 Godzilla Asian Trailer

Check out the 2014 Godzilla Asia trailer above to come up with your own opinion on the new monster's weight problem. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't reveal much about Godzilla's physical appearance or characteristics, but you can see his body around the 0:40 mark. On an unrelated but cool note, there's also a scene at the 1:09 mark that appears to show a nuclear explosion.

I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I think we should cut the new Godzilla some slack. After all, he's not completely evil nor is he completely good. Godzilla is merely a monster who is trying to exist in a world filled with humans. This new Godzilla might have a couple extra pounds packed around his midsection, but he's still the same car-stomping monster we all know and love.


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