Posted: Mar 05 2014
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Golden Joystick Awards announces best games of year

Undoubtedly the biggest story in video game news at the moment is this year's Golden Joystick Awards ceremony which recently took place in central London. One of the most important award ceremonies in the industry, the big winner of the evening was development studio Naughty Dog which picked up three awards; Studio of the Year, Best Newcomer and Best Storytelling, the last of which was awarded for PS3 exclusive The Last of Us.

As many had predicted in advance, Grand Theft Auto V picked up the award for Game of the Year; an award which seems set to be the first of many considering the enormous success of the game. However, GTA V did not pick up the award for Most Wanted which went to Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; the third and final chapter in Geralt of Rivia's saga. Witcher 3 even outshone much anticipated new consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to win the award.

It was not just the big budget, big name video games which were awarded at the ceremony; there was also an award for Best Indie Game which went to Mark of the Ninja, and the award for Best Online Game went to World of Tanks.

Two special awards were also handed out; Call of Duty was entered into the Hall of Fame - an award which game developer Activision was rightly delighted with. Also, Ken Levine was given a lifetime achievement award for his work on BioShock and System Shock 2 among other projects.

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